Wooller to present ‘Happiness 101’ seminar

Matt WoollerProfessor Matthew Wooller will present “Happiness 101,” his story about working to develop an online class, as part of the Water and Environmental Research Center seminar series.

Wooller is a UAF CITE fellow, the chair of the Department of Marine Biology at the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences and director of the Alaska Stable Isotope Facility. The presentation is at 3 p.m. Monday, Feb. 4, at Engineering Learning and Innovation Facility Room 241.

The presentation will describe Wooller’s ongoing work developing “The Science and Practice of Happiness and Wellbeing,” an online class at UAF. It will include science about specific actions that will help promote happiness and wellbeing among the challenges and adventures of living and thriving in the North. Interdisciplinary scientific research underpinning those practices will draw from philosophy, physiology, neuroscience, physical activity, psychology, ancestral knowledge, mindfulness, behavior and diet. Participants in the class will also share experiences that promote promote happiness and wellbeing in their own lives.

For more information email Mat Wooller at mjwooller@alaska.edu.

Last updated: Jan 26, 2019