The UAF Office of Sponsored Programs' Proposal Report for October FY14


In October FY14, UAF submitted 44 proposals for an approximate total of $6.9 million.
Of these new proposals, 12 have already been funded ($766,866).
Approximately 8 proposals were revised for funding agencies this month. Requests for
revisions typically signify intent to fund.
Proposal Notes
Key agencies for September included:
- National Science Foundation (3 new proposals, ~$0.9 million)
- National Aeronautics and Space Administration (3 new proposals, ~$1.3 million)
- Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. (2 new proposals, ~$1.0 million)

In comparison with September FY14, there was an equivalent number of proposals in
October FY14, but a reduction in proposed dollars of $7.5 million. In October FY13,
there were an estimated 96 proposals submitted for $42.6 million (though we did not
assemble reports at that time so the data is less refined).
Many of these in October FY13 were for the NSF Arctic Research Opportunities call
(~40 proposals for an estimated $23 million), one of UAF’s busiest calls of the year. In
FY14 the ARO deadline occurs in December. October FY13 also saw significant calls for
the Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center and the National Institutes of

Thus October FY14 represents a large decrease in proposal submissions both in
number and dollar total from the same period in the previous fiscal year. We propose
this is due to a different deadline schedule for major calls in FY14, as well as due to
reduced availability of funding at all levels: federal, state, and otherwise.
Award Notes

26 proposals changed to Awarded status in October FY14, with an approximate value
of $3.3 million.

More info may be found at the attached pdf.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013