Alaska National Lab Day 2018

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This event featured topics including Alaska as a Living Laboratory, What is a National Lab?, Alaska Industry, and Successful University/National Lab Collaborations. University and national laboratory panels explored the themes below.


Developing locally and globally relevant energy solutions


Navigating the changing Arctic

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Exploring and accessing the energyfield of the future

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Enabling and empowering the energy of Alaska's entrepreneurs


Natural hazards and defense / aerospace

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Energy and defense systems in the North

Exploring research collaboration between the University of Alaska and U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories

The purpose of Alaska National Lab Day was to create links and explore opportunities for partnerships between the Department of Energy national laboratories and the University of Alaska, with the goal of leveraging America’s national laboratories to advance Alaska’s and the nation’s goals for growing the economy, developing and implementing sustainable energy solutions, and understanding the implications of a changing Arctic environment.

Organizers aimed to increase awareness and understanding of Alaska’s unique energy-related resources, infrastructure and environment in order to:

  • Identify research areas and mechanisms through which national labs could contribute to addressing Alaska’s energy-related challenges; and
  • Identify opportunities to utilize Alaska expertise and resources to support research in energy, climate and security at the national level.

Major themes

  • Developing locally and globally relevant energy solutions
  • Navigating the changing Arctic
  • Exploring and accessing the energyfield of the future
  • Enabling and empowering the energy of Alaska's entrepreneurs
  • Natural hazards and defense / aerospace
  • Energy and defense systems in the North


  • Carol Adkins, Sandia National Labs
  • Nick Adkins, UAF
  • Ken Alper, State of Alaska
  • Scott Arko, UAF
  • Steven Ashby, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Patrick Balducci, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • John Barnes, Hilcorp Alaska
  • Christi Bell, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Craig Blue, Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Chad Bondurant, United States Air Force
  • Dane Boysen, Modular Chemical
  • Jill Brandenberger, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Todd Brinkman, UAF
  • Rich Carlin, Office of Naval Research
  • Lee Cheatham, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Jared Ciferno, National Energy Technology Lab
  • Liz Cravalho, NANA Regional Corporation
  • Ron Daanen, State of Alaska
  • Paul Dabbar, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Casie Davidson, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Hajo Eicken, UAF
  • Abraham Ellis, Sandia National Labs
  • Dori Ellis, Sandia National Labs
  • Bill Farris, National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Sheldon Fisher, State of Alaska
  • Michael Forcht, United States Air Force
  • Rajive Ganguli, UAF
  • Gary Geernaert, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Randall Gentry, National Energy Technology Lab
  • Peter Green, National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Matt Heavner, Los Alamos National Lab
  • John Hendrix, State of Alaska
  • Larry Hinzman, UAF
  • Gwen Holdmann, UAF
  • Rob Hovsapian, Idaho National Lab
  • Carl Imhoff, Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • Jim Johnsen, UAF
  • Paul Kearns, Argonne National Lab
  • Martin Keller, National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Annie Kersting, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  • Moe Khaleel, Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Meera Kohler, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
  • Clay Koplin, Cordova Electric Cooperative
  • Nolan Kouda, UAF
  • Ben Kroposki, National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Nettie La Belle-Hamer, UAF
  • Peter Larsen, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • K. David Lyons, National Energy Technology Lab
  • Arun Majumdar, Stanford University
  • Bob McCoy, UAF
  • Mary Monson, Sandia National Lab
  • Bradley Moran, UAF
  • Lisa Murkowski, United States Senator for Alaska
  • Mark Peters, Idaho National Lab
  • Mark C. Petri, Argonne National Lab
  • Sean Plasynski, National Energy Technology Lab
  • Elsie Quaite-Randall, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Janet Reiser, Alaska Energy Authority
  • George Roe, UAF
  • William Schnabel, UAF
  • Martin Schoonen, Brookhaven National Lab
  • Adam Schwartz, Ames National Lab
  • Mariko Shirazi, UAF
  • Jeff Stepp, Fairbanks North Star Borough
  • Peter Stokes, Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska
  • Curt Szurbela, UAF
  • John Wagner, Idaho National Lab
  • Bruce Walker, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Terry Wallace, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Daniel White, UAF
  • Erin Whitney, UAF
  • Cathy Wilson, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Mike Witherell, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
  • Stan Wullschleger, Oak Ridge National Lab

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Last updated: Nov 5, 2018