What's Ahead for Alaska In ...

Food Security

For centuries, Alaskans have relied on subsistence activities to obtain food. Natural and economic conditions for Alaska’s nearly $6 billion a year fisheries industry are changing dramatically. We help ensure Alaskans’ access to food that will meet their dietary needs, and that Alaska remains the nation’s best and most sustainable source of seafood. We’re also developing new agricultural crops and practices for here in Alaska, to help feed Alaskans.

Health and Safety

The University of Alaska coordinates health research, information and training by providing support for addressing the health needs of Alaskans. UA represents researchers, providers and educators dedicated to our population’s safe and healthy lives.


UA researchers directly provide jobs and essential resources to thousands of Alaskans across the state and have been at the forefront of public policy research in Alaska for 50 years. We study virtually all the major public policy issues Alaska faces in order to help Alaskans better understand the state’s changing economy and population — and the challenges and opportunities that come with change.

Lands and Waterways

UA researchers monitor change in Alaska’s ecosystems and experiment to understand, predict and respond to the effects of environmental change on Alaska and Arctic landscapes.  

Quality of Life

We provide natural and cultural resource managers with the tools they need to develop and apply management strategies that address the impacts of rapid Northern change.

Resource Development

Much of our research centers on topics associated with smart and continued development of Alaska’s natural resources. Partnerships leverage UA scientific expertise to collect and disseminate environmental information needed for oil, gas and marine mineral decisions. 

We strengthen relationships between government and industry by addressing information needs and studying environmental and resource issues of broad mutual interest.

Roads, Bridges and the Built Environment

Thawing permafrost, flooding and coastal erosion are worsening and damaging Alaska’s infrastructure. Alaska’s roads, bridges, airports, harbors, schools, military bases, post offices, fire stations, sanitation systems and power grid need attention and improvement. We help establish environmentally sustainable infrastructures while considering the life cycle of planning, design, construction, maintenance and preservation in a changing climate.


From visitor use assessments for Alaska’s 24 national parks to efficiency improvements, weatherization and least-cost energy analyses, UA research works to identify the most urgent priorities and needs for the tourism industry and its benefits to the state. Analyzing public spending and revenues associated with continued expansion of the tourism industry in Alaska requires substantial public investments in infrastructure, marketing and other services.

Last updated: May 11, 2017