Interior Projects

interior region alaska
Focus: Jobs, Lands and Waterways, Resource Development  

Our researchers at UAF are developing and supporting the Advanced Laboratory and Field Arrays for Marine Energy project to address critical needs for lowering the cost of river and ocean energy converters, and to advance hydrokinetic energy’s role in global renewable energy.

Focus: Health and Safety, Lands and Waterways, Resource Development  

For the first time, UA is testing and providing specific and short-term forecast products for fire managers in Alaska. Methods used in the western US to evaluate lightning ignition risk are now being tested in Alaska. These products are essential to Alaska fire manager decisions regarding how and where to allocate resources, saving money and keeping Alaskans safe.

Focus: Health and Safety, Lands and Waterways, Quality of Life, Roads, Bridges and the Built Environment  

Based in the thorough, investigative work of one of our own PhD students, UA is studying how to improve preparedness and response to annual springtime flooding in Alaska and other high-latitude regions. We are developing effective and easily adaptable flood risk mitigation and disaster response and recovery strategies, for use in rural Alaska communities and elsewhere.

Focus: Food Security, Health and Safety, Roads, Bridges and the Built Environment  

UA is developing a statistical understanding of how storms and other extreme events (wildfire, coastal erosion, flooding) are projected to change for Alaska in our current century. This is enabling us to better understand the connections between exposure to natural hazards and human vulnerability.

Focus: Health and Safety, Resource Development  

UA promotes safe and effective mine rescue operations by developing unmanned ground vehicles and aircraft systems for mine rescue operations and safety training to improve Alaska’s underground mining operations.

Focus: Quality of Life, Resource Development, Roads, Bridges and the Built Environment  

Faced with energy costs four to 10 times the national average, rural Alaska community power grids are the focus of UAF work to develop kinetic energy storage systems. With high power density and a practically unlimited life cycle, these systems allow grids to meet demand with an ultimate reduction in diesel fuel consumption.

Focus: Jobs, Quality of Life, Resource Development  

UA is forecasting and assessing the nature and scope of climate change impacts on the Alaska economy into the next 30–50 years. We’re tackling these tough questions: What is known and unknown about the economic effects of Alaska’s changing climate? What additional research, data collection and information gathering are necessary to fill these information gaps?