UA Research Pushes Alaska's Economy Forward

Alaska residents, left to right: UA research assistant professor Jeremy Kasper, UAF Mineral Industry Research Lab Director Rajive Ganguli, UA student Kimberly Strong, Alaska Native and UA student Meranda Okoomealingok, UA professor Ute Kaden, UA student Bennett Wong, Alaska Native and UA graduate Aubrey Gosuk, and UA research professional Jack Schmid. (UAF photos by Todd Paris)

The State of Alaska faces major challenges.

We have declining resource revenues, shifting state priorities and populations, plus a rapidly changing Northern environment and ecosystems as Earth’s climate warms. 

There’s no roadmap for these issues before us. To address our challenges, we need research — big ideas, complex and collaborative thinking, and brave imagination.

There are bright spots. We now have greater access — technologically and geographically — to the state of Alaska. We also have increased interest in our stunning natural landscapes and marine environments. And best of all, we have our population’s bold and flexible personalities.

University of Alaska research is the one entity best positioned to identify, understand, predict and communicate the circumstances faced by our state’s economy, industries and natural environment. Alaskans doing research at UA contribute to a better, more sustainable future for all of us.

With UA Research as a multiplier, every dollar invested in research brings four to six dollars to Alaska. This money stays in the state, multiplies across our economy and serves to develop smart, direct, inclusive solutions to Alaska’s complex short- and long-term challenges.

AK Ahead aims to showcase the widespread, positive, practical impacts our research work has on our state’s path forward. 

Working with Alaskans to move us all ahead: that's University of Alaska research. We're here to help.

Last updated: Nov 13, 2017