Leadership and Staff

Larry Hinzman, Vice Chancellor for Research

Professor Hinzman’s primary research interests involve permafrost hydrology. He has conducted hydrological and meteorological field studies in Arctic Alaska for over 30 years while frequently collaborating on complementary research in the Russian and Canadian Arctic. His work has involved characterizing and quantifying hydrological processes and their inter-dependence with climate and ecosystem dynamics.

Dr. Hinzman is committed to facilitating international partnerships to advance our understanding of the arctic system. He has conducted extensive field research in Alaska and other Arctic countries since the mid-1980s. He provides free and open access to all his data, which include many meteorological and hydrological networks, including uncommon and therefore highly valuable observations of surface radiation, water and energy balances.

Dr. Hinzman’s approach to maintaining high quality, completely open and comprehensive environmental data streams (both historical and near-real time) enabled establishment of numerous collaborative programs including the Freshwater Integration Program, FROSTFIRE, Seward Peninsula ATLAS project and the Kuparuk River hydrologic network. He also led establishment of the IARC Data Archive, which serves as a repository for any arctic data set to help prevent further loss of observations and modeling results.

Other personnel at the Office of the VCR

Last updated: Jan 22, 2019